Single-Employer Properties

Let us create an onsite fitness center that becomes the core of your health and well-being program.

Your onsite fitness/wellness center has amazing potential. Not only can it be a place where your active population goes to workout, but it can also become the core of your employee health initiative.

We understand that every employee population is unique, so we have developed comprehensive analytics to determine the needs, goals, and objectives for each group. We provide a tailored approach, working with both our client and their employees to achieve measurable success.

A Pathway to Improved Health and Well-being:

Evaluate Align Engage Motivate

We utilize our refined behavioral change model to guide members on this pathway to health. First, we evaluate using our Organizational Health Audit to assess the wellness goals of your business at the corporate level, our MyStart Program to assess the health and wellness of individual employees. Next we align our programs and services with the outcomes, goals, and objectives we have identified. We then engage the entire employee population with targeted programs and offerings. Finally, we motivate employees through a Pathway To Improved Health and Well-Being.

Our flexible delivery model accommodates individuals of all levels, from the actively engaged to the sedentary and inactive populations.

Our solutions have resulted in measurable success for our clients of all sizes and structures, from small local sites to Fortune 100 companies. We have many satisfied clients in sectors as diverse as technology, industrial, finance, manufacturing, beverages, office supplies, data analytics, and government.

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