Quarterly Structured Programs

Programs that contain an element of weight loss combined with physical activity have become very popular. In particular Boot Camp and Functional Training programs have consistently drawn the highest participation numbers. Our PT 55 program won the "Best Non-Member Program" two years in a row at Club Industry's national expo.

The socialization factor of these programs is a critical element. When looking at behavior change, studies have shown that individuals are 40% more likely to make a change in their behavior if they are connected to others making the same change.

Our programs require registration, and at some sites, we charge a nominal fee. Our coaches measure participants' biometric values at the beginning and the conclusion of each program to measure program effectiveness. We also market our programs heavily to non-members and track the number of individuals who join the center following the program. Average results from a 8-week PT 55 program show enormous benefits:

  • 60% of participants were non-members
  • 48% of the non-members continued their activity for 90 days after the program ended
  • Average weight lost was 6.5 lbs
  • Average body fat lost was 4.3%
  • Average waist circumference decrease was 6 inches
  • 46% of the participants from this program joined the next 8-week program

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