Office Buildings

LifeStart has the largest portfolio of fully-staffed corporate fitness centers in mixed-tenant buildings in the nation. We have designed and developed over 150 centers, and have provided management services that maximize tenant engagement. Member utilization across our fitness centers is over 15% higher than the industry average.

What are top companies looking for in new office space? Amenities that promote healthy living. Companies want fully-equipped, professionally staffed fitness centers, not just a treadmill in a closet. And they want these centers to serve as social spaces that encourage workers to interact and develop a feeling of identity and shared purpose.

Today's workforce is more health conscious and tech savvy than ever before. As more attention is paid to these topics, building design and performance will play a critical role in creating a competitive advantage for those offering healthier office environments.

Companies that want to attract and retain the best employees gain an advantage when they conduct business in office buildings that offer amenities like modern, fully-staffed fitness centers.

We provide the services that this new health-conscious workforce is looking for. Our services include onsite fitness programs, small-group training, health coaching, nutrition programs, screenings, and immunizations -- all in a convenient and affordable package. We market directly to tenants and have an average of 40% engagement with each corporate client we service. What that means is that your investment is valued and utilized, and your clients receive the services amenities that they demand.

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