LifeStart's MyStart program is one of the foundations of our operating philosophy. MyStart allows our health coaches to evaluate each member's health risks, physical limitations, health goals, and overall capabilities on an ongoing basis. Using the considerable amount of data compiled within the MyStart platform, our health coaches can create a comprehensive exercise and nutrition program for each employee.

The assessment phase of the MyStart program consists of two parts. First, we evaluate a member's current lifestyle, including behaviors that may drive health risks, using our Health Possibilities Questionnaire (HPQ). Next, our health coach performs a full baseline assessment of the most important biometric values affecting a member's health, including blood pressure, body composition, VO₂ max, basal metabolic rate, and biomechanical flexibility.

By combining data from the biomedical and lifestyle assessments, MyStart can create a tailored member report and action plan that presents information in a non-threatening manner. Instead of the typical classifications of poor vs. excellent, high vs. low, MyStart presents information to the employee by indicating whether their current behaviors are "on the right path" or indicative of an "opportunity for improvement". By focusing on underlying behavioral factors -- such as diet, exercise, and stress rather than high cholesterol or blood pressure -- MyStart gives the member something actionable to focus on, something that they actually have control over.

LifeStart's health coaches work with the member to review the results of the MyStart evaluation and to ensure that each participant has a thorough understanding of the components of the program. Members are re-evaluated at least every 12 months to measure improvement and adherence to the diet and exercise prescriptions.

Finally, by evaluating the health of your workforce on a recurring basis, LifeStart provides a detailed overview of the current health status of your organization over time. We are able to provide you aggregate reports on your workforce and to compare the wellness of your employees to other groups in similar industries and with comparable demographics. This fine-grained view of your organizational health allows you to design the most impactful wellness programs -- and to measure your success over time!

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