Momentum Health

As an independent, third-party analytics partner, Momentum Health works with the client and its advisors to create a strategic plan for health risk reduction. The Momentum Health platform analyzes biometric screening data and creates a health risk score broken down into risk ratings for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome.

Next, the platform initiates a chat-style motivational interview with the participant. The question set is entirely customized to drill down on the underlying lifestyle factors that have contributed to the identified biomedical risks.

Once the risk factors and their underlying contributors have been identified, the platform provides an actionable lifestyle, exercise, and nutrition plan. This plan is then monitored and supported by a health coach, who interacts with the member via online messaging or secure video conferencing.

The platform also integrates wearable technologies and nutritional photo journaling in order to provide verifiable proof of the member's adherence to the plan.

Every goal in the prescription can be tied to a targeted incentive program that provides monetary rewards delivered via a debit card or HSA card.


Momentum Health offers a choice of a venipuncture screening consisting of 39 individual tests, or a finger-prick screening option with an integrated nicotine test.

Program participation is facilitated using a variety of online appointment-scheduling options. Individuals who are unable to attend an onsite screening at a workplace may complete their evaluations using a nationwide network of testing centers.

After a participant registers for a screening appointment, the portal shows the name, photograph, qualifications, and current rating of the phlebotomist who will perform the blood draw. All screeners have completed over 150 hours of training and development and are required to maintain a consistent positive rating from program participants. Following the screening, each participant is given the opportunity to rate their phlebotomist based on their screening experience.

The rating system works to ensure quality and to hold all screeners accountable for the quality of the member experience. Screeners must maintain an average ranking of 4 out of 5 to remain on the Momentum Health team. Screeners who average less than 4 are placed in a quality review status and monitored to ensure that they providing quality screening services.


Momentum Health uses its proprietary intelligence analytics tool to determine which lifestyle factors have the greatest predictive influence on biomedical outcomes. This score, presented on a scale from 0 to 100, provides a numerical snapshot of an individual's risk for disease conditions. The M-Score can be used to measure the achievement of wellness goals within HIPAA-qualified incentive programs.

L.E.A.N. -- Lifestyle, Exercise, and Nutrition Program

The L.E.A.N. program is an in-depth, customized, medically accurate personal lifestyle, exercise, and nutrition program. The L.E.A.N. program provides an actionable prescription that incorporates current health status, wellness goals, and current level of motivation with a recommended level of exercise, targeted nutritional goals, and lifestyle change initiatives.


The L.E.A.N. program can be paired with any wearable technology that tracks heartrate to prescribe, track, and evaluate exercise effort. The portal takes heartrate data over time and calculates total output effort for each workout. This effort calculation can be related to standard goals for exercise level and duration, which have been shown by the World Health Organization to decrease risk of disease. Gamification and intrinsic rewards are used to keep individuals engaged in the program. Points earned through meeting exercise goals can also be tied to program incentives.


Momentum Health also offers a nutritional photo journaling program. Participants log 20 meals per month for review, evaluation, and counseling provided by a Registered Dietitian or Certified Health Coach. Dietitians regularly reevaluate the nutrition prescription and goals with the participant through coaching sessions an automated interviews. Consistent journaling and completion of prescribed goals can be tied to program incentives.

Aggregate Reports

Momentum Health provides a set of aggregate reports that include a comprehensive analysis of workforce health risks, utilization, and wellness outcomes. Aggregate reports further show how the customer compares to other organizations in the same market segment and to the nation as a whole. Utilization and incentive tracking reports are also provided to the client in consultation with an account manager on a quarterly basis.

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