Do You Have a LifeStory to Tell?

Your experience could inspire others!

LifeStart exists to engage and motivate the corporate workforce. We've been helping people transform their lives for over 29 years. We'd love to hear how LifeStart's staff and program offerings have helped you achieve lasting change.

Every month, we'll choose one member's story to highlight. If we choose you, we'll give you a $50 Amazon e-gift card. And we'll also enter you in a raffle to win a free Apple Watch at the end of the year!

Your success story has the potential to inspire members throughout LifeStart's network of over 100 centers. Fill out the form below to share your story.

LifeStories generally contain 200-300 words and describe how our staff and facilities have helped you to achieve lasting change, for example, weight loss, a healthier lifestyle, or the achievement of a personal goal. Please feel free to mention staff members by name!

If your story is chosen by LifeStart, we will publish your picture and your first name or initials on our website. LifeStart may edit your story for concision. The fitness staff at Buckingham AC will ask you to formally consent to the use of your story and image.

Please contact your fitness staff at for any questions about this program.