Toronto Corporate Fitness

Toronto is the largest city in Canada as well as the fifth-largest city in North America. Often mistaken as the capital of Canada, Toronto is most certainly the center of Canadian arts, culture, finance, and business. The city is a popular spot for companies and employees because of its reputation as one of the most cosmopolitan and multicultural cities of the world. In fact, Toronto currently generates 10% of Canada's entire GDP.

In recent years, the weakness of the Canadian dollar has attracted international businesses to Toronto. The greater metropolitan area has expanded to make room for the new buildings that are being built to meet both residential and commercial real estate demands. As the largest city in Canada, Toronto is home to many technology company headquarters, including Rogers Communication, Bell Media, and Torstar. Other Canadian companies that have headquarters in Toronto include Sun Life Financial, Hudson Bay Company, Celestica, and Four Seasons Hotels. Many international businesses are also opening branch offices in Toronto, including GlaxoSmithKline and YouTube/Google.

In Toronto's fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment, building owners and property managers need to compete to attract the best tenants and employees. Torontonians care deeply about health, work-life balance, and lifestyle benefits within the workplace. A corporate fitness center is a building amenity that appeals to employees and keeps them engaged and productive. LifeStart makes adding a corporate fitness center simple and straightforward: our team designs, develops, and manages the center for you. Our on-site fitness centers can be built to fit into any space, and can accommodate a variety of employee demographics and interests. To learn more, we're more than happy to schedule a consultation with you.

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