Silicon Valley Corporate Fitness

Silicon Valley is the nickname for the southern area of the San Francisco Bay region, known as the home of many of the world's largest technology companies. Once primarily an agricultural are, then a hub for silicon chip manufacturing, the region is now predominated by the software industry and the venture capital firms that finance it. Small towns like Palo Alto, Sunnyvale, and San Jose are internationally recognized as the homes of the most innovative companies in the world.

The commercial real estate market in Silicon Valley has been very strong in recent years and should only become stronger. Many businesses are expanding in the area, and more businesses are opening in order to ensure access to the most innovative technologies and best employees. Silicon Valley is home to the headquarters of many technology firms. Some of the most notable of these companies are Apple, Facebook, Google, Intel, Netflix, Samsung, and HP.

But the scarcest, most valuable resource in Silicon Valley isn't commercial real estate. It's the employee. Companies strive to do anything they can to attract and retain the elite employees that drive success. Standard amenities include free gourmet food, flexible hours, and game rooms. But what about employee health and wellness? Smart companies provide on-site corporate fitness centers to allow their employees to relax and socialize away from their screens. Your workforce stays on-site while recharging their batteries. They experience an amenity that proves that the employer truly cares about their health. Let LifeStart show you how we can design, develop, and manage your fitness center, whatever size you may be, from raw start-up to post-IPO.

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