Seattle Corporate Fitness

American settlers came to the Seattle area in the year 1851 and established a community named in honor of Si'ahl, a Duwamish Indian chief who formed close relationships with the settlers. Lumber from the region helped to build San Francisco, and when gold was discovered in the Klondike, Seattle became an important seaport and supply depot for miners making their way to the Yukon and Alaska. In recent years, Seattle has become an important center for innovation, especially in the fields of technology and aviation.

Seattle gained the moniker "Jet City" after Boeing ascended to prominence in the twentieth century. During its most prosperous years, Boeing provided over 100,000 jobs in the region, and it remained the driving force of Seattleā€™s economy until the 1980s. Microsoft moved to the region in 1979 and grew into a technology giant, with a near monopoly in PC operating system market. As the company grew in prominence, more technology firms were lured to the city, including Nintendo,, and Redfin. But Seattle isn't just about technology. The city boasts the headquarters of world-class companies like Weyerhaeuser, Capital One, and Starbucks. In spite of its rapid growth, Seattle has managed to maintain an open and park-filled cityscape, solidifying its place as one of the most livable cities in the nation.

Seattle workers want to maintain the high quality of life that makes their city so attractive. They want to work for employers that value them and prioritize their health and happiness. Building owners can help attract the best tenants by building the on-site corporate fitness amenities that workers expect. LifeStart has 25 years of experience designing, developing, and operating corporate fitness facilities. Boost your company's productivity and attract tenants and employees, with a fitness center powered by LifeStart.

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