San Francisco Corporate Fitness

The City by the Bay is one of the most renowned and desirable cities in the entire nation. From the early Spanish adventurers, to the hopeful miners of the Gold Rush, to hippies and social revolutionaries, to the latest masters of the tech universe, San Francisco has led and shaped the entire western world. The people of this city have made massive contributions to the world of arts, music, architecture, science, and technology. Nestled at the tip of the peninsula, San Francisco is covered with green and rolling hills that contrast with the rugged beauty of the bay.

As the center of the country’s technological innovation, it's only natural for San Francisco's commercial real estate market to be incredibly strong. Prices per square foot in the city have seen double-digit growth annually in recent years. Over half the city's commercial space is leased by technology companies, with the remaining lessors belonging to the financial and legal service sectors. Boston Properties is one of the leading real-estate entrepreneurs in the city, with its recent SalesForce Tower accommodating 1.4 million square feet. This property is just one of the many ongoing commercial infrastructure projects projected over the next several years.

There are experts who believe that the growth of San Francisco’s corporate market may slow down in the coming years. In order to prepare your property for this situation and remain competitive, you should consider improving the amenities offered to your tenants. With LifeStart, you have a reliable partner. We can design a corporate fitness center that is custom-tailored for your building and tenant demographic. We can help your building's employees become more healthy and productive. Let us show you what having an on-site center can benefit your bottom line.

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