Pittsburgh Corporate Fitness

Pittsburgh is the largest city in the Ohio Valley, and the second-largest city in Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh boasts not one but two nicknames. As the “Steel City”, Pittsburgh is home to over 300 steel-related businesses, which range from processing plants to offices for steel producers. Pittsburgh is also known as the “City of Bridges", with over 440 spans, many of them over the three rivers that meet near the city center. Over 30 skyscrapers dominate the Pittsburgh skyline, some of them home to major international firms such as PPG, US Steel, Alcoa, and Westinghouse. Since its founding by the French as Fort Duquesne, Pittsburgh has been a vital city in American industry and culture.

Pittsburgh suffered economically during the deindustrialization and offshoring of the steel industry in the 1970s and 1980s; however, the real estate market in Pittsburgh has recovered and is now in line with the national average. The amount of office space that has been available in the last few years has been tightly limited, though leases are starting to expire and companies are finding it easier to locate space. Pittsburgh is now home to many of the largest companies in the nation. The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center is the largest employer in Pittsburgh, due to the large number of affiliated hospitals in the region. Not surprisingly, healthcare being the largest private-sector employer in the city.

With many large employers in the Pittsburgh area, staying on top means that you have to provide attractive services to your employees. Health has always played a huge part in the culture of Pittsburgh, but now employees are looking for more health-related benefits than ever before. With LifeStart, adding a corporate fitness center has never been easier. We design, develop, and manage your center. We even provide personal training, group exercise, and nutritional consultation. We work with all sizes of business and all tenant demographics, and we have a variety of staffing models to accommodate your requirements.

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