New York Corporate Fitness

New York is the largest city in the nation and the financial capital of the world. If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. New York is a modern metropolitan wonder, with historic monuments, skyscrapers, and world-class entertainment venues. Aside from its architectural marvels, the city is home to many trendy neighborhoods, parks, and museums.

Before New York grew to its current status, it was wooded hunting ground for the Algonquin people. When the Dutch West India Company sent thirty families to present-day Governors Island, they called the settlement New Amsterdam. The community prospered and grew, and by 1760 New York had become the second largest city in the American Colonies. At present, there are over eight million people living in the city's five boroughs.

With land scarce and expensive, developers in New York are building multi-use projects that combine residential and commercial units under one roof. Because of improvements in the job market, there is high demand for new office space. More than a hundred major companies are headquartered in New York and the surrounding tri-state region, including Verizon Communications, JPMorgan Chase, IBM, Citigroup, MetLife, PepsiCo, AIG, Pfizer, Goldman Sachs Group, and New York Life Insurance.

If you are a property owner in New York City, you should recognize the importance of corporate fitness. Healthy employees mean higher productivity. And high-end amentity offerings mean you can attract the best tenants to your property. LifeStart can help you construct and maintain a corporate fitness center within your office building. Contact us today to find out more about our corporate fitness solutions.

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