Nashville Corporate Fitness

Known as the Music City due to its history as the capital of country music, Nashville has transformed itself in recent years to become a major national player in the fields of healthcare, education, transportation, and banking. The city got its start on the Cumberland River in the year 1779 as Fort Nashborough. Later, Nashville grew to prominence as a major railroad hub and river port, eventually becoming the capital of Tennessee. Nashville is now considered to be the fastest-growing region in the Mid-South, with a million new residents expected in the next ten years.

When it comes to the commercial real-estate industry, Nashville is one of the most desirable places for investment and corporate relocation. Companies like Nissan and Bridgestone have established centers in the city, taking their place along established firms such as HCA and Vanguard Health. The influx of new businesses and residents has had a significant impact in the economy of Nashville, reflected in large increases in demand for residential housing, retail offerings, and restaurants and bars.

The individuals flocking to Nashville are attracted largely by the Music City's quality of life. If their employer fails to make available a host of attractive on-site amenities, those individuals will be quickly snapped up by a competing business in this hot job market. A corporate fitness center will go a long way towards providing the world-class amenities that Nashville workers desire. Let LifeStart help guide you through the process of designing, developing, and operating an on-site fitness center.

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