Minneapolis Corporate Fitness

Minneapolis and St. Paul are known as the Twin Cities and are situated on the St. Croix, Minnesota, and Mississippi rivers. St. Paul is the state capital, while Minneapolis has the larger population. Though they share a name, each of the cities has their own unique character and municipal government. St. Paul is more like a European city, with historical architecture and small neighborhoods. Minneapolis is the younger of the two cities and has many modern skyscrapers.

The corporate real estate market is still growing in the Twin Cities, mainly due to the fact there are many new businesses that require office space. In addition, the Twin Cities are home to the headquarters of major national corporations, including UnitedHealth Group, Target, 3M, and Best Buy. Reports estimate that the real-estate market will continue to flourish at least for the next several years.

Many employees look at the benefits they will receive from an employer, even before they apply for a position. So it's extremely important for an employer to offer as many tangible amenities as possible. An on-site corporate fitness center is an impressive benefit to offer to your employees. LifeStart makes it easy to offer this amenity, since we both build and operate the fitness center in your office building. We work together with businesses and property managers to create the very best corporate wellness offering in your physical space. If you would like more information about our services, please contact us.

For more information about LifeStart's offerings in Minneapolis, call us at (888) 511-1112 or email us at info@lifenullstart.net.