Madison Corporate Fitness

Madison is the capital of Wisconsin and the second largest city in the area in the state after Milwaukee. Founded in 1829, the city was named after James Madison, who served as the fourth president of the United States and played a pivotal role in the drafting of the Constitution. Over a quarter million people live in Madison, home to the University of Wisconsin and a burgeoning entrepreneurial scene.

The two largest employers in Madison are the State of Wisconsin and the University. However, technology and advertising have seen incredible growth in recent years, partly due to the investment and influence of the University. In particular, several high-profile biotech enterprises have been founded in Madison. Nearly half of the adult population holds a bachelor's degree, and Madison has the highest percent of individuals with a doctorate in the entire country. The city often appears in the lists of the best cities and places to work in the nation.

In a city like Madison, it goes without saying that health and fitness is in great demand. When a business wants to attract the best tenants, an on-site corporate fitness center goes a long way. Employees' health improves, their productivity increases, and the business's bottom line improves. Contact us to find out more about how LifeStart can design and operate fitness center in your work environment.

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