Dallas Corporate Fitness

Dallas's rise to prominence began as major railroad lines were built to allow more efficient access to the region's cotton and petroleum products. The city later transformed into a financial and industrial center and saw the development of one of the busiest airports in the world.

In the 1980s, Dallas became one of the most important commercial real estate markets in the nation, prompting the development of massive amounts of new office space. But eventually, with the oil bust and a series of financial crises, the building boom of Dallas came to an end. Since the turn of the millennium, Dallas has once again experienced steady growth. Fort Worth actually has the highest concentration of business headquarters in the entire country.

A corporate fitness center can help preserve and enhance the value of a commercial property by attracting and retaining the very best tenants. Today's workforce expects building amenities that make work fun and allow social interaction with colleagues. Let LifeStart help you to provide your tenants with a high-end fitness center, improving their health, and their productivity.

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