Cleveland Corporate Fitness

Cleveland is the second-largest city in Ohio and home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In fact, it was a Cleveland DJ who originally coined the term "Rock and Roll". Nicknamed the Forest City because there are so many trees located within the city limits, Cleveland is situated on Lake Erie. Many areas in Cleveland are still growing, particularly in the fields of healthcare and technology. After difficult years following deindustrialization, the Cleveland economy is currently very stable due to a growing diversity in businesses headquartered there.

Ten years ago, buying and developing land in Cleveland was seen as unnecessary, since businesses had access to many pre-existing buildings. Firms were also converting residential into commercial spaces, so they could avoid paying higher rents for offices in more popular areas of the city. Recently, however, there has been a shift to construction of new buildings in the downtown core. These buildings are a mixture of residential properties and corporate offices. Many of these spaces are office buildings belonging to online retailers who store their products in them, so they can deliver their products the next day.

LifeStart has 25 years of experience developing fitness centers both in pre-existing spaces and in green-field sites. Contact us to find out more about how a corporate fitness center can attract tenants to your building.

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