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MyStart is your very first step on the path to better health, no matter what your current fitness level. Our highly trained and certified professionals provide a free biometric and biomechanical assessment when you join the center. With this assessment as a baseline, our staff recommends a customized training program, dietary changes, flexibility exercises, and much more!

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The Fit Club Incentive Program

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To participate in your fitness center's health incentive program, simply register on our Momentum Health portal. You'll receive points as you achieve your exercise and nutrition goals, and depending on your center's incentive program, you'll be able to use your points to enter prize drawings or receive other benefits. Contact us at The Fit Club to learn more about the program!

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Cardio Studio
Cardio Studio
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Cardio Studio

Functional Training Area
Functional Training Area

Functional Training Area

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Free Weight Area
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Bench Press

Free Weight Area

TRX Suspension Training
TRX Suspension Training
Functional Training
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TRX Suspension Training

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Group Exercise Studio
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Group Exercise Studio

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Towel Service
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Towel Service

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Laundry Service
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Laundry Service

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Private Shower Stalls
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Private Shower Stalls

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Online Health Possibilities Questionnaire
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Online Health Possibilities Questionnaire

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Weight Management Programs

Weight Management Programs

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Flu Shots
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Health Fairs
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Meet our Coaches

Hollee Mohni

General Manager
Registered Dietitian/Licensed Dietitian
CPR/AED Certified
Hollee grew up as a competitive swimmer, where her passion for fitness began. Through her time competing and exercising on her own, she experienced multiple injuries that she realized could have easily been prevented with proper coaching and knowledge. This led her to pursue a degree in both exercise and nutrition, as nutrition is another key factor for preventing injury and improving performance. Hollee’s goal is to teach and coach others the proper way to exercise to avoid injuries, like the ones she has experienced. She takes a specific approach to training that helps restore the basic foundation of movement we started with as children to improve movement through the lifespan

Terrell Allen

Fitness Director
Schwinn Indoor Cycle
Terrell’s passion for fitness began during his years at the University of Central Arkansas where he received his Bachelors in Health Education. Prior to college, Terrell was heavily involved in sports which kept him active and in shape. Once the sports stopped he felt as if he needed something to challenge him the way playing sports did so he began exercising and fell in love with it. That love Terrell acquired for health and fitness grew so much that he decided to pursue it as a career. His goal is to help people become the healthiest version of themselves and love their body. Terrell’s philosophy on fitness is, “You only get one body. Invest in it and it will last longer.”

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Membership Rates and Packages

Employee Membership

  • Employee Membership
  • Free Daily Locker Usage
  • Locker/Laundry Service: $10/month
  • Complimentary Towels
  • Full Amenities
  • Contact us to Enroll!

Personal Training Rates

Group Training

  • 1 session/week: $30/month
  • 2 sessions/week: $40/month
  • 3 sessions/week: $50/month
  • * Minimum of 3 participants/session and maximum of 5.

Executive Training

  • 8 sessions: $88/month
  • 12 sessions: $120/month
  • * Permanent schedule.

Nutrition and Wellness Packages


  • 1 session: $25
  • 1 session: $40

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Lauren P.
I’m so grateful to Lifestart for not only improving my quality of life during quarantine but certainly beyond!
I hadn’t utilized any Lifestart services prior to quarantine and while I am a pretty active person normally, I had a few aches and pains that were really impeding my active lifestyle. I enjoy Pilates 3 days a week, walking my dog each day and have lifted in the past, but not regularly or with any specific routine or goals.

Over the last few years since not incorporating regular weight/resistance training, I’ve started noticing pain in my shoulders when I wake up each morning. I could barely sleep on my side and it felt like one side was so weak that I had limited use sometimes.

My first session with Ryan was spent talking about my specific goals of mobility and strength in my shoulders and arms. Ryan put together a routine that we would build on over the next few weeks that incorporated a great warm-up to get my joints warmed up and movements that included stretching throughout the day, working with a lacrosse ball to loosen specific tension points, meditation, etc. It’s been a great holistic approach that isn’t just focused on my designated time to lift. It can be adjusted to fit whatever the day brings so that I can stay feeling flexible and strong.

We’ve added to the routine to increase upper body strength, core strength and lower body strength all while being mindful of staying limber throughout the day. I felt better after just 3 sessions and continue to improve with the additional sessions in the following weeks. I’ve learned so much in a supportive environment about small adjustments that I can make to my fitness routine and daily life that will stick with me in the long term. I’m so grateful to Lifestart for not only improving my quality of life during quarantine but certainly beyond!

I have seen such wonderful results that have immensely impacted my daily life from sleeping better, increased range of motion, improved flexibility, improved performance in pilates, more endurance, less fatigue aches and pains over all. I would love to continue my remote training workouts beyond quarantine as it’s had such a great impact on my quality of life in a matter of weeks. Thank you Lifestart!
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Do you have a LifeStory to tell? Click here to submit your narrative of how you achieved lasting change, for example, by losing weight, building strength, or reaching a health goal. If we feature your story, we'll give you a LifeStart insulated bottle and a LifeStart t-shirt. And we'll enter you in a raffle to win a free Apple Watch at the end of the year!

More importantly, your story could inspire thousands of other LifeStart members to supercharge their own efforts to live life well!

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